Air Cleaning House Plants

Houseplants can be very beneficial in our lives. They purify and renew our stale indoor air by filtering out toxins, pollutants and the carbon dioxide we exhale - replacing them with life sustaining oxygen! 

Although it should be safe to presume that all plants are capable of removing toxins from our air, research by NASA showed that some house plants are more efficient in filtering out toxins than others.  Philodendrons, Spider plants, and Pothos were found to be the most efficient in the removal of formaldehyde. Gerbera Daisies and Chrysanthemums were found to be effective in the removal of benzene, a known carcinogen. 

As a rule of thumb, allow one houseplant per 100 square feet of living area. The more vigorous the plant, the more air it can filter. Keep in mind that plants will not do much to alleviate tobacco smoke or dust in the air. 

Aglaonema sp. Chinese Evergreen
Aloe barbabensis Aloe Vera, Burn plant Poison Information
Chlorophytum comosum Spider Plants
Chrysanthemum sp. Mums Poison Information
Dieffenbachia sp. Dumbcane Poison Information
Epipremnum sp. Golden Pothos
Ficus sp. Ficus
Gerbera sp. Gerbera Daisy
Hedera sp. Common English Ivy Poison Information
Philodendron sp. Heart leaf philodendronPoison Information
Spathiphyllum sp. Mauna Loa


Poison Information Poison Information
Prefers sun Prefers sun
Tolerates shade Prefers partial shade
Tolerates shade Tolerates shade
Prefers well-drained soil Prefers well-drained soil
Prefers moist soil Prefers Moist soil

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Air Cleaning House Plants
Poisonous House Plants

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