Poisonous House Plants

Common names
Christ's Crown
The Christ's Thorn

Botanical name
Euphorbia milii

Poisonous parts

Poisonous component

The common name of this plant would lead one to believe it is the 'crown' Jesus wore while he carried his torture stake to his crucifixion. However, native to Madagascar, this plant was unknown in Christ's time. Debate continues but many feel Paliurus spina-christi is a more likely candidate.

The "Crown-of-thorns" is a trailing or climbing spiny shrub with showy flower clusters and red, petal like bracts. 

This plant contains caustic and irritant chemicals in the latex. Avoid contact to the skin and eyes. General symptoms of ingestion are: abdominal pains, blistering/irritation of the mouth/throat and vomiting.



Christ's Thorn

Toxicity Information
Courtesy of:
Derek B. Munro
Biological Resources Program
Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre

Poisonous House Plants
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