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Common names
P. cordatum - Heart leaf philodendron (pictured)
P. scandens - Heart leaf philodendron (Very similar in appearance to P. cordatum.)
P. selloum - Lace tree philodendron
(pictured below)

Botanical name
Philodendron sp.

Poisonous parts
Leaves, juices

Poisonous component
Calcium oxalate

Philodendrons are an popular container plant that can cause poisoning in humans and pets because of the oxalates they contain. General symptoms of contact dermatitis with the plant juices are erythema (reddening and inflammation of the skin), itchiness. Ingestion will quickly cause painful burning and swelling of lips, mouth, tongue, and throat.

Philodendrons were among the best house plants in N.A.S.A.'s tests for removing toxins. See house plants for air purification for more info.


Heart Leaf Philodendron (P. cordatum)

Philodendron selloum

Lace Tree Philodendron (P. selloum)

Toxicity Information (P. scandens)
Courtesy of:
Derek B. Munro
Biological Resources Program
Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre

Poisonous House Plants
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