House Plants

House plants benefit our indoor spaces not only by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen but also by absorbing many pollutants. Many of these pollutants are chemical compounds that are released into the air through a process called "off-gassing". Many everyday items present in our homes and office off-gas and NASA discovered over 300 organic compounds aboard the space shuttle. In it's endeavor to conquer space, NASA began testing common house plants for their capacity to purify indoor air. Luckily for us, it turns out that some of the best house plants for cleaning our air are also very easy to grow.

Air Purification Plant List | Poisonous House Plants List

The benefits of having plants in the house are well worth the effort (some would call it a labor-of-love) to nurture them along. However, many of our most popular house plants come from tropical climates where the highest percentage of poisonous plants reside. This guide to common poisonous house plants will help you determine if the risk they pose to your children or pets is worth keeping them. Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive and you are cautioned to treat all plants as potentially harmful when it comes to your children.


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