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Close up of the personalized baby blanket knitting.

Every Blankees Personalized Baby Blanket is as unique as the child it is being made for. Our personalized baby blankets are made from scratch so the personalization is knit right into the blanket.

Every Blankees Personalized Baby Blanket is custom knit. As you can see in the close-up, the personalization is literally part of the blanket itself and is not embroidered or cross stitched on.

You have your choice of style and a wide variety of colors to chose from. You can add extra personalization by including a custom border to the bottom of the blanket, with your own special message!

Close up of the edging that finishes off the baby blankets.

After your baby blanket has been personalized with baby's names and birth information we finish it off with a wavy edging. This gives our Blankees™ Brand Personalized Baby Blankets a beautiful finishing touch that really sets them off.

Click to see yarn samples. We have a huge selection of colors for you to chose from so the chances are we will have the perfect color combination for your baby blanket.

Soft and warm these knit, personalized baby blankets make great baby gifts for many occasions! Order today and create the perfect baby gift, a personalized baby blanket that will be treasured for a lifetime.

All Blankees™ Personalized Baby Blankets are covered by a
100% satisfaction guarantee.

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