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Yarn Colors 2017

  • Our most popular Blankees™ Personalized Baby Blankets have the white letters and edging. The white letter color is best on medium to darker toned baby blankets. If white is used on pale colored blankets then baby's name will be hard to read on the blanket due to low contrast.
  • The "warm white" is an off-white/cream shade that looks very nice with the darker blanket colors like dusty pink and navy blue.
  • We recommend the blanket color be darker than the letter color.
  • An exception to the recommendation above is for the 'two-tone' blankets. When using two of the same color family, e.g. baby blue & navy blue, the lighter color works well for the background.

Clicking on a cone of yarn will load a page where we rate various color combinations to help you chose the right one.


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