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Blanket Information
  • These lines may consist of anything you's names, birth time, birth weight, birth date, christening dates, poems, sayings, personal messages, etc.
  • Max 12 characters/line in large print.
  • Max 20 characters/line in small print.
  • If you leave the print size options blank we use our discretion for the print size. Our preference is for the names to be in the larger print size.






This option allows you to replace the small hearts, toy blocks, or butterflies in the standard borders with a custom message.

Enter the custom message you want in the bottom border of the blanket up to 60 characters.

Optional Details

 Ship the blanket to my address above.
 Ship the blanket to the address below.

Cost Details

Canadian Sales:

  1. When you submit your order you will be re-directed to a page with additional details regarding payment.
  2. You should receive an auto-reply email message within a few minutes.
  3. If you do not see the redirect page or do not receive the automatic email reply to your order you should contact us by calling 1-888-Blankee (252-6533).

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