Poisonous House Plants

Common names
Kaffir Lily

Botanical name
Clivia miniata

Poisonous parts

Poisonous component

Kaffir lily contains small amounts of the alkaloid lycorine. Large quantities must be ingested to cause symptoms of toxicity. General symptoms of poisoning are collapse, diarrhea, paralysis, salivation, vomiting.

Kaffir's produce a beautiful cluster of tubular orange flowers with yellow throats. If the flowers are pollinated they each produce a cherry sized, green berry which slowly turns red over many weeks. 

Kaffir's are an easy to care for plant which tolerates typical household conditions. Although good lighting is required for bloom, non-blooming plants are still visually interesting. They sucker readily so sharing with friends is easy. No wonder these  blooming plants are so popular!



Kaffir lily

Toxicity Information
Courtesy of:
Derek B. Munro
Biological Resources Program
Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre

Poisonous House Plants
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