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Speech & Language Development - Milestones
Speech Delay - Warning Signs


Toddler in diapers.


Do not let speech delay hold back your child's development. Detection of speech delay at any age can make learning to talk easier.


ages 12 to 18 months

  • babbles - sounds like sentences
  • understands simple questions/statements e.g.. "where is your nose?", "give me"
  • says words (not clearly)
  • nods "yes" and shakes head for "no"
  • enjoys rhythm and likes to "dance" to music

warning signs

  • does your child not talk at all?
  • is your child sociable?


activities 12 to 18 months

  • Children at this age begin to understand simple questions. You can play the "Where" game with him. While in the kitchen, cooking dinner or at dinner time, ask questions like "Where is the spoon?", etc.
  • By now your child should be able to recognize those body parts you have been teaching her. While playing with dolls or on a person, she should be able to locate them. Use the same rhymes or songs you used when pointing to them on her when she was little to get her to point to them on the doll. I like using the tune of "Where is Thumbkin", but singing "Where is nose, where is nose, here I am, here I am..."


activities continued

  • Your child should be naming several objects, so ask him frequently "What is that?". If he doesn't know, tell him and then ask him again, "What is that?", until he gets it correct.
  • Some other concepts your child should be demonstrating at this age are:
    1. looking attentively
    2. following directions
    3. imitating speech
    4. asking for simple needs (i.e.. drink)
    5. using ten words

Activity suggestions are courtesy of Laura Renfroe Christiensen, a Speech Pathologist working with children from birth to 18 months of age.

If your child shows any of the warning signs listed for their age group, please contact the Speech-Language Pathologist at your Local Health Unit for more information.

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