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Speech & Language Development - Milestones
Speech Delay - Warning Signs

Little girl with pigtails.

ages 18 to 24 months

  • says some 2 word sentences such as "more milk", "all gone", "me go"
  • asks for a cookie or toy
  • says "whatssat" a lot at about age 2
  • understands "where is mommy/daddy?"
  • understands simple directions "get your coat"
  • understands more words than can speak/say



warning signs

  • does your child use more gestures than words?
  • are you concerned about your child's ability to talk and/or understand?

Do not let speech delay hold back your child's development. Detection of speech delay at any age can make learning to talk easier. If your child shows any of the warning signs listed for their age group, please contact the Speech-Language Pathologist at your Local Health Unit for more information.


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