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Butterflies Style Baby Blankets

Personalized baby blanket in the Butterflies style.
Receiving Size
83x60 cm/33x24 inches

Our receiving size baby blankets have three lines of print available for personalization.

Baby's names are available in two print sizes, large and small.

Using large print you can fit up to 10 letters on a line. With the small print you can fit up to 20 letters per line.

The crib size blanket includes up to six lines of personalization for baby's names and birth information.

The large print helps to "fill in" the larger crib size blankets, especially with shorter names.

The birth statistics are usually done in the smaller size since the longer birth months will not fit on one line in the larger print size.

Pictured: An illustration of the larger crib size baby blanket using Maroon & Yellow.

Personalized baby Blanket in the Butterflies style. Crib (large) size.
Crib size
83x106 cm/33x42 in

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